POLL: Will The Raptors Make The Playoffs In 2021-2022?

POLL: Will The Raptors Make The Playoffs In 2021-2022?

I have to be honest, I didn’t watch a ton of Raptors games last year.

With empty seats and no fans in the stands, I didn’t even watch all the Maple Leafs games either.

But what really compounds the problem for the Raptors after recently winning a championship and now losing again, Toronto loves a winner and if you aren’t winning, nobody cares about you.

Along with Kawhi Leonard, the bandwagon seems to have already left town too, and all of those ‘loyal fans’ aren’t watching anymore. Are you still watching the Raptors?

So the big question.. Will The Raptors Make The Playoffs In 2021-2022?

2021-2022 Toronto Raptors

Speaking of leaving town, Kyle Lowry is now gone and playing with the Miami Heat. What will the Raptors look like when the greatest Raptor of all time is no longer with the team?

You can’t replace a guy that always took a charge to turn a game around, down by 15 and diving into the stands to save a ball, or simply willed their team to win on nights when they had no business of winning. Kyle is gone and now the Raptors need players to fill that leadership void.

But this is not a rebuild year (yet), this team clearly still has talent and a decent chance of making the playoffs.

We have veteran guards in Fred VanVleet and Goran Dragic, plus other very capable players that should have good years like Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby.

But just making the playoffs isn’t really a goal for Masai Ujiri, he’s looking to build a sustainable foundation that wins championships and change is likely.

Could this year determine big changes for the Raptors?

Most experts and people close to the team are predicting that the Toronto Raptors will trade one of more coveted players such as VanVleet, Siakim and Dragic to build for the future. either getting younger prospects they can build around or move up in the draft.

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Masai has never been afraid to make big moves and many in the industry say this year will be no different. He already shocked the basketball world after drafting Scottie Barnes over Jalen Suggs with the number 4 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

As we’ve already seen in the preseason, Scottie Barnes is a very special player…

Scottie is a big goofy kid with endless energy, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the guy and he’s already endeared himself to Toronto fans everywhere.

Barnes is a special athlete that can do just about anything, he’s a player you build a franchise around. It’s because of that early promise of becoming an elite player, it may even go far enough to change how the Raptors build for the future.

I think the Raptors will surprise teams on many nights, they will struggle in other games. But do they make the playoffs? Vote now!


  • Will The Raptors Make The Playoffs In 2021-2022?

    • Yes – The Raptors are ready to surprise and will make the playoffs
    • No – Without Kyle Lowry, this is a rebuild year and won’t make the playoffs

What do you think?

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