POLL: Will The Blue Jays Trade Randal Grichuk?

POLL: Will The Blue Jays Trade Randal Grichuk?

Trade rumours involving Randal Grichuk go all the back to 2020, Ross Atkins was on the prowl for premium free agents and that included someone to improve the Blue Jays outfield.

That free agent eventually turned out to be George Springer a year later…

Last season, those discussions surfaced again at the trade deadline, it would make sense for the Blue Jays to trade Grichuk for pitching help down the stretch as George was getting healthier and eventually set to return.

The trade deadline passed and for now, Randal Grichuk remains a Blue Jay going into the 2022 season.

How did the Blue Jays get Randal Grichuk in the first place?

The Jays traded Dominic Leone and prospect Conner Greene to the St. Louis Cardinals in return for Grichuk, a player with some pop in his bat and evolving defensive play that would replace Jose Bautista in RF.

Blue Jays acquire Grichuk from the Cardinals

I don’t think most Blue Jays fans were blown away by the acquisition, there was promise with Grichuk as a capable MLB player, but not anything near the calibre of player we needed as a foundation piece to start building for the future.

So when it was announced that the Blue Jays signed Randal to a 5 year, $52 million contract through 2023, just about everyone thought he was being way overpaid and now an inescapable piece of the landscape for years to come.

To his credit, Grichuk has had his moments both in the field and with the bat.. just not a consistent producer that the Jays really desired.

Randal Grichuk 2020 Highlights

If we look at his career numbers, Grichuk is a streaky hitter with a low career on-base percentage that simply doesn’t work at the major league level.

Randal Grichuk Career Stats

Standard Batting
2014 STL 110 11 27 6 1 3 8 31 .245 .278
2015 STL 323 49 89 23 7 17 47 110 .276 .329
2016 STL 446 66 107 29 3 24 68 141 .240 .289
2017 STL 412 53 98 25 3 22 59 133 .238 .285
2018 TOR 424 60 104 32 1 25 61 122 .245 .301
2019 TOR 586 75 136 29 5 31 80 163 .232 .280
2020 TOR 216 38 59 9 0 12 35 49 .273 .312
2021 TOR 511 59 123 25 1 22 81 114 .241 .281


Fast forward to 2021, you could argue that Grichuk was one of the best Blue Jays in the first half of the season while Springer was on the DL.

Plenty of clutch hits that consistently drove runs home and equally impressive play in the outfield, but it was the prospect of George eventually returning to the line-up along with Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Teoscar Hernandez as the corner outfielders, it was inevitable that Randal Grichuk would start to predictably falter and struggle badly down the stretch.

So with roughly $10 million per season on the books for Grichuk through 2023, and now standing as the Blue Jays 4th outfielder — it’s likely that he’ll be traded right?

But what if the Jays traded Lourdes Gurriel Jr. in order to get someone like Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians, as it was rumoured that we already went after him at the deadline — then Randal Grichuk would still be a very valuable member of the Blue Jays.

Will George Springer stay healthy in 2022? Is Cavan Biggio capable of being the ‘official extra outfielder’, or do we keep Randal Grichuk around next year as an insurance policy in case something goes wrong?

  • Will The Blue Jays Trade Randal Grichuk?

    • Yes – No room for him in the outfield, he’s gone
    • No – He will be a platoon and bench player, he stays for now..

What do you think?

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