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POLL: Will The Blue Jays Trade Alejandro Kirk?

POLL: Will The Blue Jays Trade Alejandro Kirk?

Listed at 5’8 and 265 pounds, it’s hard not to love this guy…

The Jays picked up 17-year-old catcher Alejandro Kirk for $30,000 in 2016 from the Toros de Tijuana while scouting (other players) in the Mexican League and has become a fan favourite since day one.

In a featured Sportsnet article, ‘Never Know Who’s Looking’ it tells the improbable journey of how the Blue Jays found him.

‘But there’s another catcher and… he’s big – it’s not a great body. But he can really hit and he can really throw. And for his size, for his body, he moves around really well.’

Alejandro Kirk is not your typical baseball success story by any means…

Blue Jays’ rookie Alejandro Kirk racks up 4 hits in huge night vs. Yankees!

.. and he’s shown since day one that he can hit in the majors despite having just over 200 plate appearances to date.

Alejandro Kirk Career Statistics

Alejandro Kirk Career Statistics
2020 TOR 9 25 24 4 9 2 0 1 3 1 4 .375 .400 .583 .983 166
2021 TOR 60 189 165 19 40 8 0 8 24 19 22 .242 .328 .436 .764 107


Blue Jays trade Alejandro Kirk? Why would you trade a kid with that type of potential?

With team success, it means the bar has been raised to make the playoffs and what needs to get changed to win eventual championships.

The Jays aren’t carrying 3 catchers to open the 2022 season.

Danny Jansen, Reese McGuire and Kirk — one of them aren’t going to make the opening-day roster.

There were questions all last year if Kirk would actually take the starting catching job from Danny Jansen while he was injured, but I think all of that discussion went away when Danny came back and hit very well down the stretch.

Reese McGuire bats left, most will argue that the Jays need more balance at the plate though the lineup.

Then you finally have the wonder kid and super prospect Gabriel Moreno — destined to be an eventual star sooner than later.

There’s no escaping that the Blue Jays will need to spend major dollars to land the big free agents this off-season, but also willing to sacrifice prospects and position players if they want to make significant trades for players such as José Ramírez.

I’m not sure what ‘asset value’ Alejandro Kirk provides to other teams, but he may be dangled before we open the 2022 season. What do you think?


  • Will The Blue Jays Trade Alejandro Kirk?

    • Yes – Alejandro Kirk can be used in a trade, let’s move him
    • No – You don’t trade Captain Kirk, Alejandro Kirk stays with the Jays!

What do you think?

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