POLL: Should The Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner?

POLL: Should The Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner?

Although I’m not totally surprised, I can’t believe the amount of hate I’m seeing on Twitter right now.

Irate Toronto fans are demanding that the Maple Leafs trade Mitch Marner and it’s not pretty.

This is what happens when you sign a 6 year contract for $65 million with an AAV of close to $11 million per season, you are expected to perform.

So when the Leafs collapsed against the Canadiens last year, it seems that Mitch has been the biggest single scapegoat to why Toronto got knocked out of the playoffs entering this season.. I don’t think it’s fair as it was the entire team that contributed to their early demise, not just Michell Marner.

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My take on it – Mitch Marner is an elite player, one of the best in the NHL with very unique skills.

I took heat on Twitter for saying that Auston Matthews wouldn’t get half the goals he scores without Marner at his side. I think Matthews is definitely finding new ways to get pucks in the net, but a healthy chunk of his goals are definitely assisted by Marner setting him up.

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Many point out that just about anyone could be at the side of Matthews and see success, I don’t agree with that for a second. You should remember that point every single time Mitch sets up Matthews this year. These two have great chemistry together…

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I think Marner finished fourth in overall scoring last year, let’s take a look at his stats with the Leafs.

Mitch Marner Career Statistics

NHL Standard career statistics
Scor Scor Scor
Season Tm GP G A PTS
2016-17 TOR 77 19 42 61
2017-18 TOR 82 22 47 69
2018-19 TOR 82 26 68 94
2019-20 TOR 59 16 51 67
2020-21 TOR 55 20 47 67
Career 6 yrs 359 103 256 359

I don’t care if he was a restricted free agent and held out, you should place blame squarely on Kyle Dubas for the Marner contract. It’s Dubas that hasn’t managed the salary cap and leaving the Leafs where they are now in terms of payroll flexibility, just think about the upcoming situation this year where we’re likely going to lose Morgan Rielly at the end of this season because of it.

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On the flip side, Marner hasn’t scored ever in the playoffs, he’s basically disappeared. So it’s easy to make the argument that Mitch should be traded, but Dubas will never do it because his own survival depends on the Leafs going deep(er) in the playoffs this year.

You could get a serious package in return for Marner and I’m sure just about every other team in the league would be happy to make that deal, but does it really make the Leafs better? Some immediate salary cap relief and flexibility would be nice, maybe you could add a good mix of different players to change the DNA of the team. But that’s up to you, vote now!


  • Should The Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner?

    • Yes – For what Mitch Marner makes, he has to be traded now!
    • No – Mitch Marner is an elite player, he stays with the Leafs 100%

What do you think?

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