POLL: Should The Leafs Sign Jack Campbell To A Long-Term Contract (Right Now)?

POLL: Should The Leafs Sign Jack Campbell To A Long-Term Contract?

It’s not a question if should the Leafs sign Jack Campbell, because negotiations are apparently already well underway between both parties, but really the bigger question is whether or not should the Maple Leafs commit to a long-term contract at this point still so early in the season.

If you watched the game last night against Tampa Bay, it was Jack Campbell that clearly stole that game with probably a dozen heart-stopping saves — He was absolutely magnificent…

And Leafs Nation is now officially in love with Jack Campbell as witnessed on Twitter last night.

We’ve all gone a little loopy for Soupy!

… Jack Campbell reminds me of Curtis Joseph in his prime

… This is my open love letter to Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell 2nd best Leaf trade in history?

… I love Jack Campbell with every fibre of my being

… Jack Campbell deserves a lifetime supply of Red Lobster on his next contract

And the romance is mutual, Jack Campbell loves Toronto. “There’s nothing more I’d love than to stay here.”

Jack Campbell Post Game | Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vegas Golden Knights – “I love it here” – November 2, 2021

With Jack Campbell playing so well, it’s potentially why Kyle Dubas is reportedly pushing to lock up Jack Campbell much sooner rather than waiting until after the end of the season.

Campbell is now 25-7-4 as a Leaf (13-1-1 at home), with a .932 save percentage so far in 2021.

The fear is that he might eventually price himself out of Toronto if he continues at this clip.

So is Jack Campbell an elite goalie and how much will it cost for the Maple Leafs to sign him to a long-term contract?

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After signing Petr Mrazek to a three-year contract with an AAV of $3.8 million per season, the plan for the Maple Leafs was to have a goaltending tandem where both Mrazek and Campbell would split goalie duty, but Jack Campbell has clearly emerged as the number one option.

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$3.8 million isn’t exactly chump change for a backup goalie, the Leafs have some important decisions to make as salary cap issues never seem to go away for this team either.

But what happens if Jack Campbell comes back down to earth and his performance falls off?

After getting knocked out of the playoffs last year against Montreal where Campbell let in a couple of goals he probably should have saved, what happens if he plays poorly in the playoffs this year?

There are people that are concerned with the state of his mental toughness, and whether he can stay healthy…

Signing Campbell to a long-term contract right now seems risky, but then again it might be the best move the Leafs can make if they lock him up knowing he’s their guy and continues to play well.

I’ve seen fans thinking he’ll take some sort of a discount to sign with the Leafs, maybe 4 years at $5 million per season, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll do that at all.

Once again, you are officially the GM of the Maple Leafs, vote now on what you would do with Jack Campbell and live with your decision!


  • Should The Leafs Sign Jack Campbell To A Long-Term Contract (Right Now)?

    • Yes – Sign him immediately, Jack Campbell is the best goalie we’ve had in a long time!
    • No – Wait until the regular season and playoffs are over

What do you think?

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