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POLL: Should The Blue Jays Replace Buck Martinez In the TV Booth?

POLL: Should The Blue Jays Replace Buck Martinez In the TV Booth?

Blue Jays replace Buck Martinez? The thought of kicking Buck out of the broadcast booth may upset many loyal Jays supporters, but sometimes change is good as we now have a promising core of young and talented players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette that will surely attract a new generation of fans.

I have a personal connection with Buck Martinez.

I caught a Buck home run ball as a kid while watching the Jays game at Exhibition Stadium in the bleachers. I can remember my Dad lifting the kids literally off of my back, and at the bottom of the pile was me and that damn baseball that I wouldn’t surrender at any cost.

Buck (himself) would likely joke about how rare this might be as I think it was like his 3rd of the season if my memory serves me right, it’s the only ball I’ve ever caught over the years of going to Blue Jays games.

Now before you start accusing me of clickbaiting this article, why don’t you ask Leo Rautins when he was fired by Sportsnet a couple of weeks ago to the shock of Toronto Raptors fans everywhere. Leo updated his situation shortly after, promptly announcing on social media that he would be returning as a broadcaster for TSN Raptors game this season.

I think Buck is getting to that place too sooner than later..

Buck deserves respect. I could have titled this something like should the Blue Jays fire Buck Martinez or something like that, it would be ideal if Buck Martinez decided to retire at some point (on his own terms) over having Rogers management finding their next guy.

Speaking of retirement, Jim Hughson recently announced he’s retiring after some 40 years in the business. I found this old clip of Jim and Buck together which was pretty awesome.


TSN Red Sox vs Blue Jays pregame 1990 – Jim Hughson & Buck Martinez

Buck receives his regular share of hate on Twitter of which I pay absolutely no attention to, this recent Toronto Sun article about him (maybe) not being completely vaccinated has also brought the wrong type of attention.

Buck Martinez has been a player, manager and broadcaster for the Blue Jays over the many years, perhaps his most famous play was when he blocked the plate and got two runners out while breaking his leg.


Buck Martinez completes the double play with a broken leg

One thing I will say is that after listening to Dan Shulman calling games again for the Blue Jays, that there are times when sometimes making a change is the right decision.

Dan is one of the best in the business, bringing his well-studied perspective to the booth is refreshing and does start to draw comparisons.

Buck does fall into certain habits and tends to repeat things, I would be the first to admit that they do get pretty tired over time.

.. and then we have his calls that we’ve come to love


Buck Martinez “SWING n’ A DRIVE! Get Up Ball” compilation

When you’ve listened to someone for years, it’s not easy to let go. Should the Blue Jays replace Buck Martinez and have someone new take over? You are now in the booth, make the call..

Who would you like to see broadcasting games for the Jays? Let us know in the comments!


  • Should The Blue Jays Replace Buck Martinez In the TV Booth?

    • Yes – I love Buck, but it’s time for a change
    • No – Leave poor Buck alone, I still enjoy him calling games

What do you think?

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