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POLL: Should The Blue Jays Fire Charlie Montoyo?

POLL: Should The Blue Jays Fire Charlie Montoyo?

Blue Jays Fire Charlie Montoyo? You knew this poll was coming..

I wanted to wait until the Jays were officially eliminated from the wildcard race, and despite winning 91 games this season, the whispers to remove Charlie have gotten progressively louder.

There are lots of fans out there that want him out of Toronto! But why?

Nobody will argue that Charlie is a really nice guy, and that’s perhaps one of the reasons why fans want him gone.

They’ll never admit it, but many baseball insiders speculated that Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro eventually opted to hire a ‘soft hand’ to nurture Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette into the majors. It was reported that Atkins called on other names first that didn’t pan out, they ended up with a temporary bridge deal to have Charlie around for a couple of seasons to babysit the kids before they found their real manager and lead the Blue Jays back to the World Series.

A Look Back: What Blue Jays fans can expect from new manager Charlie Montoyo

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Charlie Montoyo almost since day one. As someone pointed out on Twitter that I thought was pretty accurate. “He’s a great coach… but not a MLB manager”

You could argue that the Blue Jays never had a homefield advantage over the last couple of years, spending some 670 days before being allowed to play again at the Rogers Centre because of Covid concerns.

Splitting time between Dunedin and Buffalo, I think Charlie did a great job of keeping the team together despite not having a place to call home.

Blue Jays record by stadium played

There were many times where you could actually hear the fans cheering for the other team instead of the Jays. That doesn’t happen while playing in Toronto, let’s give Montoyo credit for making the best of a bad situation through the pandemic.

Then there was the Blue Jays bullpen… This was all Ross Atkins and not Charlie Montoyo..

After guys like Kirby Yates and David Phelps went down early, the Jays relied on arms from the MLB garbage bin such as Tyler Chatwood, Rafael Dolis, Brad Hand and just about anyone else who could throw a baseball during the 2021 season.

I often didn’t agree with how Charlie handled the bullpen since joining the Blue Jays, it certainly drew the ire of many angry fans who thought he didn’t know what he was doing.

Sid and Alex Seixeiro: Is Charlie Montoyo good at his job?

There were other intangibles that angered me the most, Charlie ‘the nice guy’ that doesn’t translate at the MLB level… Showing some fire to lead your troops in the heat of battle, or stick up for your team at least..

There was the time when Baltimore Orioles manager Brandon Hyde was caught on camera yelling at Robbie Ray from the dugout. You want your manager to come out and defend his guy, walk over to Hyde and tell him to back off. Charlie didn’t do that..

Then there was the whole Kevin Kiermaier incident when he stole the Jays data card that infuriated fans. Charlie Montoyo was seen shaking hands with Kevin Cash, claiming it ‘agua under the bridge’

Ryan Borucki later drilled Kevin Kiermaier with a 94 MPH fastball to let him know that wasn’t cool.

You could see multiple players line up to high five in support of Borucki after he was kicked out of the game.. That didn’t come from Charlie, but it should have been. That’s how baseball works.

It was Pete Walker that came out to defend his guy, angry that Borucki was ejected from the game – but still the guy sticking up for his team.

Meanwhile, Charlie played the bongo drums..

You can add up the pros and cons, it really doesn’t matter. Almost every poll out there has an even 50/50 split whether or not to keep Charlie for 2022.

Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro don’t have the balls to fire Charlie Montoyo, but many fans want him gone. What do you think?


  • Should The Blue Jays Fire Charlie Montoyo?

    • Yes – This is more than wins and losses, Charlie needs to go
    • No – Charlie is fine, we keep him

What do you think?

Written by StupidInToronto

I'm pretty much a lousy writer and my grammar is worse, so you'll see lots of polls and quizzes featured here most of the time.. Born in Toronto, love my TO sports sh*t and have fought the losing battle since birth. I'm stupid too!

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