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POLL: Should Sportsnet Cancel Tim And Friends? (Without Sid)

POLL: Should Sportsnet Cancel Tim And Friends? (Without Sid)

Any relationship that lasts 17 years these days is a heck of a good run, so it was an absolute shock to everyone when Sid Seixeiro announced he was leaving Tim and Sid for Breakfast Television.

Sadly, it’s never really been the same since then and the show has struggled to reinvent itself.

Finding a new formula to maintain viewership and essentially keep the ship sailing is close to impossible, you simply can’t rekindle that sort of onscreen chemistry… It’s left everyone wondering at what point will Sportsnet cancel Tim and Friends and replace it with something new.

Sid Announces He Is Leaving Tim & Sid To Become Co-host Of Breakfast Television

Even my daughter who has zero interest in sports noticed, immediately asking me ‘where’s Sid?’ shortly after he left the show.

Now I don’t know what the ratings impact have been since the departure, but it’s definitely changed my daily afternoon routine as I’m now watching Overdrive on TSN.

I never knew that Hayes, Noodles and O-Dog was even a thing, needed to fill that gap and started searching for viewing alternatives – Score 1 for TSN.

OverDrive at Home – Year One | OverDrive

I don’t think Overdrive is better than Tim and Sid by any means, but the cost of having people physically pick up their remote and find ‘something else’ is devastating for Sportsnet.

Previously firing Bob McCown in an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic was also a huge mistake, but that’s a poll for another day… Bob is gone and now Tim and Sid are gone.

Lost viewership, means lost advertising revenue and that demands a significant response from the network before losing those eyeballs forever. I openly question many recent programming decisions from Sportsnet that risk losing their loyal audience to TSN and other online sports destinations, whoever are making the decisions at Rogers likely need to be fired. It’s not working.

I think Tim Micallef has done a hell of a job keeping the ball rolling, you could literally read the look on his face in contemplation knowing that the end of that 17 year relationship will also have inevitable impact to the rest of his career as well.

Sometimes you can’t dig out of the hole left behind when someone leaves, Sid was half of that relationship and now that magic is gone…


Jesse Rubinoff has also done a solid job since becoming a regular sidekick from his corner desk on the show, they’ve rotated different guests into the daily routine and tried a bunch of different stuff.. You just can’t reproduce the chemistry that Sid had with Tim and that means change is coming.


  • Should Sportsnet Cancel Tim And Friends? (Without Sid)

    • Yes – Never been the same without Sid
    • No – Tim and Friends works for me, still a great sports show

What do you think?

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