POLL: Is Wayne Simmonds Good Enough To Be On The Leafs?

POLL: Is Wayne Simmonds Good Enough To Be On The Leafs?

As we get ready for the regular season to officially start next week, I’ve been watching a ton of discussion on social media over what Leafs should make the team and what players should be cut.

A bum gets an assist, speaks to the media with a good story and fans want to keep them… These guys have no business playing in the NHL and all of them were eventually sent back to the AHL or waived, then the question of #24 comes up….

Is Wayne Simmonds good enough to have a roster spot on the Maple Leafs?

Nobody will argue that the career of Simmonds is winding down and his best years are clearly behind him, but can we conclude that he doesn’t have anything to offer his teammates on any given night?

For the record, I love Wayne Simmonds and everything he brings to the Leafs, we don’t have to look very far back to why I feel that way.

On Saturday night against the Ottawa Senators, Justin Holl took a run at Tim Stutzle and Scott Sabourin went out and basically dummied Holl in a fight as revenge for the hit on their young star.

You could call the exchange even at that point, but Simmonds went out and sent his own message to the Senators, eventually dropping the gloves with Sabourin.

NHL Fight: Wayne Simmonds & Scott Sabourin

You can call this goon hockey, you can call it whatever you want.

I remember the Ottawa Senators taking healthy runs at Maple Leaf stars all last year, there’s a need to set the tone for the rest of the season or else other teams are simply going to abuse you without the fear of repercussions.

If you don’t like it when players get rough with Matthews, Marner, and Nylander (they sure as hell aren’t going to stick up for themselves), you should welcome having a guy like Simmonds around.

Who the hell wants to fight Wayne Simmonds?

Many fans criticized Leafs management when they signed Simmonds to a two year, $1.8 million contract extension this summer, essentially taking a 40% pay cut from the $1.5 million he made over the 2020-21 season.

Simmonds didn’t know if the Leafs wanted him back, it turned out Dubas did want the kid from Scarborough back in uniform.

The Wayne Simmonds Story – 2014

For those people that insist that Wayne Simmonds is just a goon, the guy has played 947 NHL games with 258 goals and 250 assists, for a total of 508 career points.

Wayne Simmonds Career Stats

NHL Standard career statistics
Scor Scor Scor
Season Tm GP G A PTS PIM
2008-09 LAK 82 9 14 23 73
2009-10 LAK 78 16 24 40 116
2010-11 LAK 80 14 16 30 75
2011-12 PHI 82 28 21 49 114
2012-13 PHI 45 15 17 32 82
2013-14 PHI 82 29 31 60 106
2014-15 PHI 75 28 22 50 66
2015-16 PHI 81 32 28 60 147
2016-17 PHI 82 31 23 54 122
2017-18 PHI 75 24 22 46 57
2018-19 PHI 62 16 11 27 90
2018-19 NSH 17 1 2 3 9
2019-20 NJD 61 8 16 24 64
2019-20 BUF 7 0 1 1 2
2020-21 TOR 38 7 2 9 45
Career 13 yrs 947 258 250 508 1168


….. And Wayne Simmonds can fight.

NHL Fight – Wayne Simmonds vs Tom Wilson Apr 14, 2016


NHL Fight – Wayne Simmonds vs Dylan McIlrath Feb 14, 2016


NHL Fight – Wayne Simmonds vs Matt Martin Nov 25, 2015

I think Wayne himself would admit that he played poorly coming down the stretch at the the end of the season after coming back from his wrist injury, but Simmonds has plenty to contribute this season with fans back in the stands and unfinished business of getting the Maple Leafs deeper in the playoffs.

I’m just the poll master, it’s your turn to vote on whether we cut Simmonds or not.


  • Is Wayne Simmonds Good Enough To Be On The Leafs?

    • Yes – The Leafs are whimps, Wayne Simmonds has a role on this team
    • No – Wayne Simmonds had a good career, but time to hang up the skates

What do you think?

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