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POLL: Best Raptors TV Announcer: Chuck Swirsky Or Matt Devlin?

POLL: Best Raptors TV Announcer: Chuck Swirsky Or Matt Devlin?

When the Chicago Bulls came to Toronto earlier this week to play the Raptors, it was all warm and fuzzy with a DeMar DeRozan reunion… but also a special moment when Eric Smith got the opportunity to help call the game with Chuck Swirsky for the Bulls broadcast.

That’s right.. Chuck Swirsky was back in the house, and we all still love him (for those old enough to remember him).

Canada sports fans were formally introduced to basketball with guys like John Saunders, Dan Shulman and Rod Black back in the earliest Raptors days, but it was Swirsky who really endeared himself to everyone in the country, and part of the entertainment package when turning on our televisions to watch the game.

This video might be old and grainy, but all you need to do is listen..

Chuck Swirsky TOP 10 Raptors Calls

Chuck Swirsky came to Toronto as the play-by-play voice of the Toronto Raptors in 1998 on the radio and moved to television in 2001, best known for his “Salami & Cheese” call when the Raps were going to win the game, and “Onions, Baby, Onions” when a player nailed a three-pointer.

Chuck Swirsky on ‘salami and cheese’ | Sportsnet

So it was a complete shock when in 2008 he left the Raptors for personal reasons and was replaced by Matt Devlin.

Which gets back the poll question about who’s the best Raptors TV announcer.

I ask this because after every Raptors game, you don’t need to dig deep on social media to see someone chirping on Matt Devlin. There seems to be a group of people that want Matty D gone, and I’m not really sure why you would want Matt Devlin fired at this point to be honest.

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I don’t think it’s ever easy to replace a guy like Chuck Swirsky, I mean the guy got his Canadian citizenship… but that that was like 13 years ago when he left — so the hate is squarely on Matt Devlin.

Best Matt Devlin Raptors Calls

There is one claim that Matt Devlin can make that nobody else can — he called the Raptors during their championship win and did a great job throughout that epic journey.

I dunno, maybe he’s a little boring. Maybe he doesn’t call the best game. Not really sure. I don’t think he should go anywhere other than keep calling Raps games as he’s been doing.

So we’re looking to hear from you, who’s the best Raptors TV announcer of all-time? Vote below!


  • Is Chuck Swirsky Or Matt Devlin The Best Raptors TV Announcer?

    • Chuck Swirsky – You can’t beat Salami and Cheese!
    • Matt Devlin – Matty D is our guy!

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