Welcome to StupidTorontoSportsFans.com

It was about 10 years ago that I started (and eventually closed down) my first Toronto sports blog, and I’m surprised how little has changed since then.

Considering the size of the market, I still find it amazing that the independent media landscape in Toronto doesn’t have more to show for it other than TSN, Sportsnet and a few other established sports websites that I’m not even sure are based in Canada.

I really had no intentions of starting another sports website, but it was during another failed Leaf playoff run last year where instead of going to a bar, my friends and I were live-texting on our phones instead throughout the games because of Covid-19. Those conversations were not lost on me…

Between all the profanity and arguments while texting, I realized this is how sports is supposed to be.. devoted fans with their own opinions while cheering for their favourite teams.

Morst recently, I found myself posting regular sports updates on my personal Facebook page and thought to myself.. Why not start another sports website?

Why did you choose the domain StupidTorontoSportsFans.com? Isn’t that going to alienate people?
I’ve been a Toronto sports fan since birth, suffering now through the decades of disappointment. I reviewed about two dozen potential website names before registering the domain, it had to speak to the reality of being a fan in Toronto and something that might create an emotional reaction. Time will tell whether referring to Toronto sports fans as stupid will resonate or not, but that’s the one I ended up going with.

What’s your content philosophy compared to other sports websites?
Like I said, not much has changed over the last 10 years when it comes to other sports blogs. Same old formula done over and over again, they’re predictably boring.

As per my author bio, I can’t write worth a damn these days, so StupidTorontoSportsFans is about the fans and everyone having their say instead.

You’ll find fun fan polls and quizzes by design, I want to really encourage readers to engage and share their passion for the teams they root for. That’s the content formula here and always will be.

Who the hell are you?
I’ve been involved with digital media for over 20 years now, things have certainly changed plenty from the last time I did this. Social media and SEO have come a long way since my last kick at a sports blog, I seriously needed to build something fun again after running a Wordpress core web vitals optimization agency that helped people improve their website performance. You can look me up on Linkedin here.

Did Canadian legalized single-game sports betting have any role in starting this website?
Sure did. Betting on sports is worth billions of dollars in Canada, there will be many media companies out there looking for places with the right demographics to market their services. The value of sports-related website inventory will continue to increase dramatically moving forward and we’ll be open to different partnerships in the future.